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Why choose Kheti Buddy's Home Gardening App?

The most advanced app to plan a garden that stands out on Playstore is the Kheti Buddy Home Gardening App. Because it’s an ideal option for those who are passionate about cultivating their own home garden. 

It is very user-friendly and designed to be intuitive, especially for beginners who are planning to initiate. It serves both as a guide to cultivating beautiful and bountiful gardens and as a garden planner which can provide reminders and alerts based on your gardening cycle. We provide advisory about any questions on your garden planner via voice/video call or in-app tickets.

How much does the KhetiBuddy home gardening app cost?

The home and kitchen garden app is available to download for free. There is a subscription service you can opt for after your trial period ends, where we provide our expertise virtually to help you in planning and setting up a vegetable garden planner calendar, while also providing tips on how to maintain a terrace kitchen gardens more effectively. A garden plan always comes in handy to manage vegetable crops well.

What if I have to cancel my subscription?

You can subscribe to our end-to-end gardening services either for a one-time consultation or have a monthly plan. You can opt out of the monthly plan of our home and garden app any time you wish.

Will the home gardening app work on my computer?

No, at present, our vegetable garden planner software is a mobile-only application.

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